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Support and Troubleshooting


Mantil is in early beta, and we are continuously improving it. If you need help or want to share your feedback, email us at or join our Slack Community.


Bug report

If you experience any issue with Mantil, you can tell us a little bit more about it with

mantil report

This command will send the last three days of logs that will help us analyze the reported problem.

Application logs

You can also check application logs by yourself. Depending on your OS, here is where you can find those.


Use Finder application:

  • Click Shift (⇧) + Command Key (⌘) + G;
  • To locate the Mantil application logs folder, write this path ~/Library/Application Support/Mantil/logs and click Go:





  • Press Win Key + R
  • Write down appdata into the field and click OK
  • Go to Roaming > Mantil > logs

There, you will find the Mantil application logs folder.

Mantil team is here to support you on your serverless journey!