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mantil invoke

Invokes API method on the project stage

Makes HTTP request to the gateway endpoint of the project stage. That invokes Lambda function of that project api. If API method is not specified default (named Default in Go code) is assumed.

Mantil project is determined by the current shell folder. You can be anywhere in the project tree. If not specified (--stage option) default project stage is used.

During lambda function execution their logs are shown in terminal. Each lambda function log line is preffixed with λ symbol. You can hide that logs with the --no-log option.

This is a convenience method and provides similar output to calling:

  curl -X POST https://<stage_endpoint_url>/<api>[/method] [-d '<data>'] [-i]


  mantil invoke <api>[/method] [options]


  <api>      Name of the API. Your APIs are in /api folder.
[/method] Method name in Go source code.
Default method will called if not spedified.


  -d, --data string    Data for the method invoke request
-i, --include Include response headers in the output
-n, --no-logs Hide lambda execution logs
-s, --stage string Project stage to target instead of default


  ==> invoke Default method in Ping api
$ mantil invoke ping
200 OK

==> invoke Hello method in Ping api with 'Mantil' data
$ mantil invoke ping/hello -d 'Mantil'
200 OK
Hello, Mantil


      --help       Show command help
--no-color Don't use colors in output